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Fusion WatchOS & iOS App

Bringing a new dimension to creativity


Cutting edge WatchOS & iOS multimedia App that elevates creative processes by combining your heart rate and motion with visuals and MIDI.

Turn your Apple devices into expressive graphic and MIDI Controllers
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3D Motion

Expressive control using 3D motion (Roll, Tilt, Pan) 

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Leverage surrounding audio for reactive graphics

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Watch Control

Personalize with heart rate and motion sensors

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MIDI Control

Advanced MIDI settings - sensitivity, range, inversion

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Configure and personalize the built-in graphics using input from your device sensors, change the background image and colours and include your front or back camera

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Use sensors and XY pad to generate MIDI and interact with graphics for limitless artistic expression.

Easily connect to MIDI compatible software and hardware via Bluetooth, USB or WIFI (no additional software required on iOS devices!).

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Responsive and generative visuals that can easily be displayed in 1080p on an external monitor or recorded on your device.

Use the MIDI data and XY pad for expressive audio parameter control in your favourite MIDI compatible software & hardware.

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App Support

Fusion iOS App

Learn how to set up Fusion on your iOS device and Mac

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Fusion iOS App

Connect your iOS device to your MAC via Bluetooth, WIFI & USB

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Fusion Creations

Produce like a pro!

Access Creative Lessons and Professional Ableton Templates for Seamless Music Production
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XY Pad 


Learn how to use Fusion's XY pad to control Ableton's XY pad & other MIDI parameters

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Heart Rate &

Tempo Control

Learn how to control the track or session tempo in Ableton using your heart rate


We want to see what you made! Please share and tag your creations on social media


Check out our Creations Page for examples from Fusion Artists.

Apple App Store

Check out Fusion by FloVerse

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