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Meet Our Creators

A global community of music artists and producers that love our products.

Midimo Creators

Estelle Rubio

Producer & Singer

Estelle Rubio uses Midimo with Logic Pro X to control FX on vocals and synths.

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Alona K

Multi-instrumentalist & Sound Producer

Alona K Lviv Ukraine, using Midimo to control drum effects in Ableton

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Musician & Music Producer

Carmela uses Roll & Tilt motion to control the low cut off, Tilt to control a synth & Pan to control the low pass drive

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Daniel Santiana

Bass Player & Music Producer

Daniel Santiana is using Midimo with AudioKit One Synthesizer

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Joey Maguire

Midimo User

Joey Maguire provides some creative ideas on how Midimo can work immersive interactive audio installations

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Patrick Farrugia

Musician & Music Producer

Patrick Farrugia uses Midimo with the hand roll motion to control reverb in Logic Pro X

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