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Heart Rate Tempo Control


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Get your free Ableton template for Fusion today:

Creative Inspiration

Jam to audio that is controlled by your heart rate. Our Fusion app converts the heart rate measured with an Apple watch to Midi data.


How To Guide - Ableton

Learn how to use your own heart rate to control the tempo in Ableton using our free Ableton template.

Note: The Apple Watch sends a heart rate value to your phone every 5 seconds (or every 3 seconds if you place your finger on the crown). The phone sends heart rate as a MIDI pitch bend and also sends a note on/off with each live heart beat. In this template we are controlling the tempo in Ableton but you can also map the MIDI Note on/off to trigger sound samples in Ableton with every live heart beat.
The current version of Fusion does not provide a full ECG like signal (eg an analog equivalent of heart beats).

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