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Midimo iOS App

An interactive music production experience

Midimo is an exciting new MIDI controller that allows users to interact with their music using real-time motion data from their iOS device.

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3D Motion

Expressive control using 3D motion (Roll, Tilt, Pan)

Organic Creation

Replace knobs and faders with interactive motions

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Midi Control

Connect to MIDI compatible software and hardware

Control 3 data streams with 1 hand using 3D motion

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Frame 1639.png


Easily connect to MIDI compatible software and hardware via Bluetooth, USB or WIFI (no additional software required on iOS devices!)

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3D Control

Control sound using 3-axis of motion in real-time. Roll (roll device left and right). Tilt (tilt device forward and back). Pan (turn device side to side).

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A simple and visual interface that provides the ability to select light or dark mode depending upon your personal preference.

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Midimo offers in-App How-Tos and you can find Support  for how to connect and map to various DAWs. Users can also connect with other like minded Artists in our FloVerse Discord community


We want to see what you made! Please tag and share your creations on social media


Check out our Creations Page for examples from Midimo Artists.

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