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Custom Applications

Our expertise can help your interactive experiences come to life

Ability to deliver interactive applications supported by a scalable and robust cloud infrastructure

Fusing innovation, creativity, and cutting-edge technology, we go beyond projects, becoming your dedicated partners in crafting a tailored application experience. Trust us to journey alongside you, ensuring every step reflects your unique vision and goals.

Our Featured Collaboration


Pretty Lights

Custom WatchOS Biometric Application


Ability to power the show's visuals using real-time heart rate data collected from the band members, crew and audience (both in-person and virtual) using our custom WatchOS application and cloud infrastructure

App Development

System Integration

Cloud Infrastructure

Testing & Support

Mafe Maceda, Pretty Lights Fan

“That was the coolest thing I've ever participated in and seen at a concert! Everyone around me was freaking out. Seeing peoples names up there was a highlight of the night"

Empower Your Vision

 Compose, Collaborate, Create 

Ready to bring your application or engagement ideas to life? Book an appointment and let's work together to turn concepts into reality.

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