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Pretty Lights

Custom WatchOS Biometric Application

Providing the technology to support real-time processing and visualization of heart rate data collected from the band members, crew and audience.


In late summer 2023, we began our collaboration with the iconic American music project Pretty Lights on their Soundship Spacesystem tour.

Over the course of approximately 5 months we developed, tested and supported a range of specialized Apple WatchOS heart rate applications. In addition, we designed and built the necessary infrastructure for efficient  data communication and integration.  The main goal was to gather real-time heart rate data from the band, crew and audience participants and relay this data to the Pretty Lights team to incorporate into various visual aspects of the performance. This effort reached its peak at the tour's final shows (December 1-3, 2023) in New Orleans, where we launched and supported an innovative crowd application. This event was a milestone: it was the first time heart rate data, from both in-person and online audiences, was used in the visual graphics of a major music event, introducing a new method of engagement.


Check out more on Pretty Lights: 

Pretty Lights - Live Heart Rates from the Band and Audience

Pretty Lights - Live Heart Rates from the Band and Audience

App Development

Custom applications for engaging events

System Integration

Efficient, low latency data communication & system integration 

Cloud Infrastructure

A secure, stable & scalable cloud infrastructure

Testing & Support

Application & infrastructure readiness and live event support

Mafe Maceda, Pretty Lights Fan

“That was the coolest thing I've ever participated in and seen at a concert! Everyone around me was freaking out. Seeing peoples names up there was a highlight of the night"

Dream work, team work

Some of the amazing folks who contributed to this project and we were blessed to collaborate with:

Project Vision: Derek Vincent Smith, Pretty Lights

Project Concept: Nik Swift (aka Tiwonku), Pretty Lights

Stage and Livestream Visuals: Pretty Lights - Jack Hurley (aka Anti Alias), Nik Swift & Eric Mintzer

Touchdesigner Integration: Nik Swift

User Interface Concepts: FloVerse Inc. & Nik Swift; Ideation support - Maggie Linebaugh

Technical Solution: FloVerse Inc.

App Design and Development: FloVerse Inc.

Network Architecture: FloVerse Inc.

MIDI Integration Support: Pretty Lights - Jason Starkey, Nik Swift  & FloVerse Inc.

Data Analytics Support: Kev

A huge thank you to the Pretty Lights Crew and Fans who participated in beta testing!

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