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Bluetooth BLE

Fusion Connectivity

System Requirements:

  • Fusion requires an Apple iOS device running iOS 16.0 or newer

  • Pairing Fusion with Bluetooth requires either an iOS device running iOS 16.0, or a Mac computer running Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer

Pair with Mac via Bluetooth BLE

  1. Tap Settings (gear icon in bottom menu) and tap 'Configure MIDI Settings'

  2. Tap 'Bluetooth MIDI'

  3. Tap 'OK' to give the Fusion app access to Bluetooth (may only ask once when you first setup)

  4. Tap the name field to give your phone a recognizable name

  5. Turn on “Advertise MIDI Service” to enable Bluetooth MIDI from Fusion

  6. You are now able to pair Fusion with your Mac or other iOS device

  7. To connect to your Mac device: In Spotlight, search for Audio MIDI Setup. If the “MIDI Studio” window is not visible, open it using the Window menu or by pressing CMD+2

  8. Click on the Bluetooth icon (top right of the screen). Note: Do not click “Advertise” on your Mac – this will prevent you from seeing your device

  9. You should see your iOS device (need to turn on Advertise MIDI Service' inside the Fusion app)

  10. To disconnect, re-open the “MIDI Studio” window inside the “Audio MIDI Setup” application, Click the Bluetooth icon in the top bar of the MIDI Studio window, click “Disconnect” beside your device name.

* Bluetooth MIDI Advertising may time-out if your screen turns off. Ensure your screen is on and “Advertise MIDI Service” is still checked on before attempting to pair Fusion.

Do not connect your device from the Bluetooth menu (like you would with Bluetooth headphones) – this will prevent Fusion from making a Bluetooth MIDI connection.



Pair with Mac via USB

  1. Connect your device to your Mac via USB

  2. Open the “Audio MIDI Setup” Mac Application. Open Spotlight (CMD+Spacebar) then type “Audio MIDI Setup”

  3. Open the Audio Devices window (Window Menu or CMD+1)

  4. You should see your device appear in the Audio Devices window

  5. Click “Enable” beside your device name

  6. Open the Fusion app

  7. You should now be able to use Fusion with your Mac via USB!

Apple Watch


Apple Watch Connectivity

  1. If you own an Apple Watch with OS 8.0 or greater you can connect it to the Fusion application and use it as an input source  to control the visuals.

  2. Watch sensor values include: Heart rate, Crown and Motion: Tilt, Roll, Pan

  3. The Apple Watch can also be used to send MIDI data to your favourite DAW or MIDI compatible software (Note: Heart rate sends a MIDI note value)​

  4. The Apple Watch MIDI data is sent by your iPhone to your paired Mac or iPad. See instructions above for how to pair your iPhone to your Mac via Bluetooth BLE or USB.

Additional Support


Learn how to set up Fusion on your iOS device and Mac

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