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Midimo App Settings

System Requirements:

  • Midimo requires an iOS device running iOS 14.3 or newer

  • Pairing Midimo with Bluetooth requires either an iOS device running iOS 14.3, or a Mac computer running Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer

Main View Controls

Midimo has some controls to make mapping your software, and modifying your performance easy! – Use these to ensure the correct parameters are sending values when mapping your software.

  1.  Pan Reset: hold phone flat to reset pan center point

  2. Toggle Switch: Toggle whether a specific axis sends MIDI data

  3. Solo Button: Temporarily disable the MIDI output from other axes. This is useful when mapping software to ensure only the correct axis gets assigned to a parameter

  4. Sensitivity: Control how responsive an axis is to movement. Higher sensitivity will result in less motion required to move a mapped parameter

Change MIDI Parameter Value


Change MIDI Parameter Value

You can change what MIDI Channel and CC number each axis sends values on. This may be useful, for example if you have many different MIDI devices controlling the same computer.

  1. Tap the cog icon in the top right corner to open the options

  2. Tap MIDI to open the MIDI settings

  3. Here each axis has a channel and CC setting. Drag to change these as needed.

  4. (OPTIONAL) Tap “Reset to Default” to reset all channel and CC settings to their default parameters

* Note: Some software and hardware have default CC mappings, for example CC#7 often controls volume and CC#1 controls the mod wheel. This can also apply in software such as Garageband where generic mappings are not possible.

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Mute All Button

​​If you need to quickly mute all MIDI output, Midimo has a “Mute All” function to achieve this. Simply swipe down on the main control section, this will reveal the “Mute All” button. Pressing this button will immediately stop all MIDI output from Midimo. To re-enable MIDI output, simply tap the “Mute All” button again. You can hide the “Mute All” button, and reveal the main control section by swiping up from the bottom of the screen.

Additional Support


Getting Started with Midimo

Learn how to set up Midimo on your iOS device and Mac

01 - Quickstart

MIDI Mapping 

Mapping to DAWs & other softwares

Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Studio One & more

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Connecting Hardware

Paring with Hardware

Pair Midimo with your hardware device using WIDI Master

Read More
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Connect Midimo with your devices

Connect your iOS device to your MAC via Bluetooth, WIFI & USB

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Pairing other Apps

Pairing Midimo with other Apps

Pair Midimo with FL Studio, Synth One, Nanostudio 2 and Djay Pro AI

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