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How to get started

Midimo Quickstart

System Requirements:

  • Midimo requires an iOS device running iOS 14.3 or newer

  • Pairing Midimo with Bluetooth requires either an iOS device running iOS 14.3, or a Mac computer running Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer

How to get started

  1. Prepare your Mac or other iOS device to receive a connection from Midimo

  2. Enable pairing in Midimo

    • For more detailed instructions, find your software under “Pairing with iOS Apps” or “Mapping Midimo with your DAW” menus

  3. Use the “Mute All” button to temporarily disable MIDI output from Midimo

  4. Set your sensitivity to 1 for the axis you are mapping

  5. Enable mapping in your software of choice

  6. Solo or enable the axis (Roll, Tilt or Pan) you want to map

  7. Move your device

  8. Now you can use Midimo to control your software!


Do not connect your device from the Bluetooth menu (like you would with Bluetooth headphones) – this will prevent Midimo from making a Bluetooth MIDI connection.

iOS Devices


iOS Devices

Mac Devices


Mac Devices

Additional Support


Connect Midimo with your devices

Connect your iOS device to your MAC via Bluetooth, WIFI & USB

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MIDI Mapping 

Mapping to DAWs & other softwares

Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Reason, Reaper, Studio One & more

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Connecting Hardware

Paring with Hardware

Pair Midimo with your hardware device using WIDI Master

Read More
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Learn to control Midimo's settings

Main view controls, change MIDI Parameter Values, "Mute All" Button

Read More
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Pairing other Apps

Pairing Midimo with other Apps

Pair Midimo with FL Studio, Synth One, Nanostudio 2 and Djay Pro AI

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